Berliner Halbmarathon 2024

Western fitness regimes and technology
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What goes around ulta endurance activities
b sides 


Nature and Culture -ongoing research- 2022/2023
What is Nature, what is beyond culture.
Ongoing research

Berlin Marathon report Oct 2023

Rent Increase Notice Dec 2022
Handmade numbered edition
including an original 10 х 15 cm C-print

People also ask / series May 2023
Research  UBIF workshop


De Batavier Feb 2022
Self Published 

The first time I was in Amsterdam they took me to see a cx race. Between Amsterdam and Haarlem is Halfweg where the Halfwegse Sport Club de Bataaf cycling club was founded in 1923. This is a personal tribute to the Batavi's rich publishing output and a celebration of a memorable rainy day.

Golden Gloves 
Works on paper
Monotype, printer's ink on paper
100 x 70 cm

Posters x Cicli Bonanno
Works on paper
Monotype/silkcreen posters
100 x 70 cm

Il secco e l’umido/ dry feeling wet feeling 2008
Works on paper 
Graphite on wool paper
100 x 70 cm

Current Works

Versostudio x Hilos inc
Alcova24 Milan Design Week

Maybachufer Heft x Bollingher + Fehlig Architekten BDA
Stad und Land Wohnungsbauten GmbH

Kask Sport / 8000 watt / Schickemuetze / Nabe agency
Giro del Basso Reno at Cycling World Düsseldorf

Gunnar Zimmer /
Styronaut x Cicli Bonanno Journal

Jonas Klock Deture Projects

Cycling reportage
North Cape 4000

laboratorio zotti
collection design and artisanal craft

People also Ask series