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Western fitness and technologies
from Berlin Marathon 2023

What goes around ulta endurance activities
b side series

Nature and Culture  2023
Ongoing series

Cosistency and Life

from E.T Hall “Beyond Culture”

Sports / Berlin Marathon October 2023

cicli bonanno zine vol1  2022
zine 21×15 cm 40 pages
with Stefan Heahnel and Bengt Stiller


rent increase notice 2022Self published from personal research
Handmade numbered edition 03/10, including an original 10 х 15 cm C-print / ongoing series

de Batavier 2022
14 x 21 cm
24 pages
First Edition

Sports / Boxing  2022

Cicli Bonanno poster 2022
limited series

Il secco e l’umido/ dry feeling wet feeling 2008
series 2008 works on paper